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April 2017 - Work starts on site

There will be some limited activity on the Oaklands site over the next 5 weeks as the preparation work towards demolition continues. The demolition of the existing buildings is expected to commence in mid to late May. Further information will be distributed ahead of this.

Over the next 5 weeks there will be some vehicle movements and plant on site but the impact should be minimal on the roads and the surrounding areas.

It is anticipated during this initial phase there will be around 5 vehicle movements per day with all lorries operating under a booking system with the site manager. There is a dedicated vehicle processing area within the site so there should be no queueing or waiting on the public highway.

Work commenced on the 12th of April and is scheduled to be completed in 5 weeks. The site operations will be between 8am and 5pm.

A further residents consultation is expected in May where further information on the site programme and logistics will be given.

If residents have any issues or concerns with work being carried out, they can contact:

Oaklands Site Manager: Mick Clifford – Aspect 4
Contact No: 07766 316058

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